Enable yourself to gain real independence from your energy supplier
with the installation of ESA’s advanced energy storage system – and start reducing your electricity bill now!

With ESA’s advanced battery management system, you will be able to store and consume clean power and simultaneously reduce your energy bills. Whilst helping the environment, you will also be helping to expand the power grid and reduce greenhouse gases.

ESA’s storage system is compact and lightweight – but also expandable with large capacity options. It is a ground breaking and market leading energy storage system comprising of a single-phase hybrid solution with compact external lithium (5kwh) battery packs – for sensible scalability and flexibility. Both the hybrid inverter and battery packs contain intelligent BMS (Battery Management System) software.

The ESA system is designed and engineered by UK energy storage specialists focused on one operational system. This manufacturing synergy ensures safety, performance and efficiency from a single high quality integrated storage solution. All components are designed and manufactured by one company resulting in a high quality and vertically integrated functional solution.


Hybrid Inverter

ESA’s hybrid Inverters can be used with a new solar system or retro fit to your existing PV system. When you install an ESA hybrid inverter, you are completely battery ready to be connected to Australia’s most advanced energy storage system.

ESA Battery Packs

The ESA-BP-5000 has intelligent BMS software built into each battery pack. When used with ESA’s hybrid inverters, you are able to enjoy the use of Australia’s most advanced energy storage system.

Software Monitoring

ESA is offering users of its ESA inverter and battery storage products with access to their state of the art comprehensive monitoring package, which for a limited time, access is FREE**.

Energy Storage

How it works

ESA’s energy storage is uniquely superior regarding how it works compared to other less sophisticated systems. . Most energy storage systems are simply unable to operate with the equivalent benefits that ESA offers its customers.