Hybrid Inverter (ESA-3600/ 5000)

ESA’s hybrid Inverters can be used with a new solar system or retro fit to your existing PV system.

When you install an ESA hybrid inverter, you are completely battery ready to be connected to Australia’s most advanced energy storage system.

BUT if you not yet ready to store the power you generate, by installing the ESA-3600/5000 you will still have a high-quality and leading-edge PV inverter with the following features;

Hybrid Solar Inverter sizes: 3.6kw or 5.0kw
An all-in-one inverter – single unit for PV, storage, grid exporting and backup power
High visibility: LED system display with instant and real time instant activity display
Highly efficient (MPPT>99.5%, PEAK CONVERSION 97.3%
Multi MPPT solar input and low turn-off DC voltage: enabling more flexible and complexed roof designs)
Internet connection for the outstanding monitoring package )
Remote firmware upgrades & diagnostics: ensuring FULL remote monitoring visibility and maintenance. )
Market leading warranty (up to 10 years) )
Future proof inverter as battery ready with simple and low cost adding of battery storage 
Ground fault protection

Version 1

By installing ESA battery packs with your ESA inverter, you will extend the value of your PV investment as a power generation unit into one of the most advanced energy storage systems in the world. By adding batteries to your system, your inverter will remain connected to the grid AND you can potentially enjoy these additional benefits;

Pay your system off quicker with off-peak charging (from the grid) by storing and consuming low cost / tariff electricity#

During black-outs, enjoy continuous PV generation, battery charging and discharging in Grid island mode

Simultaneous PV generation, battery charging and discharging and load servicing with dual AC / DC coupling configuration.

Fully automatic switching between operation modes with the ‘Automatic Transfer Switching’ function

Remote monitoring and control – allowing upgrades, maintenance, battery parameter setting and full monitoring diagnostics of key system components.

Essential Back up Supply –

Export limitation with demand side response capabilities


Version 2