ESA Monitoring Software

ESA is offering users of its ESA inverter and battery storage products with access to their state of the art comprehensive monitoring package. The web based portal will provide all ESA’s customers with the real-time monitoring of the energy they generate, consume, store and export.

The software is user friendly with accurate graph and chart data that provides both real time and historical data analysis for its customers.

The key features or the software also include the below:

Connectivity via Wi-Fi/USB/GPRS/RS485
Software alarm notification – minimise downtime, maximise returns! 
Remote firmware upgrades
Remote access for charging/discharging
Monitor battery information, charge and technical diagnostics
Real time monitoring with access to historical data.
Monitor PV array parameters
User friendly, simple and secure data reporting
Web portal or APP access anywhere and anytime
Remotely change battery parameters
COMPLETE monitor of all energy modes: generation, consumption, storage and import/export

** includes all current viewing and monitoring features currently available on the portal – but excludes any other type chargeable functioning such as trading electricity available in the future etc. etc.