Backup energy for your home
Retrofit our Battery Storage System to Your Home and Save.
Power to the People
We’re revolutionising clean and reusable energy in Australia with our backup battery solutions and PVC solar systems. Say goodbye to expensive electric bills and hello to incredible savings.
Upgrading to our system is simple and easy, so you can monitor your usage 24/7 wherever you are in the world, and help save the environment. Plus, with our 10-year battery warranty, you’ll have peace of mind unlike any other.
ESA Solar Battery Technical Specs
Wall mounted, rechargeable prismatic li-ion battery (LifeP04)

10 years

Supported Applications
Has proprietary Battery Management Software built in that communicated with the ESA inverter

Design Capacity: 5210 Wh Usable Capacity: 4906Wh

Up to 3 x 5kWh battery packs for each inverter

690 mm X 390 mmX 182 mm

Installation Floor or wall mounted
Indoor or outdoor

Operating Temperature
Charge 0˚C~55˚C Discharge -30˚C~60˚C

Compact & light weight (65kg)

Always connected
Monitor your solar energy use in real time with the remote control and output control

All in one inverter
The battery pack stores DC energy. The ESA Inverter has the built in DC/AC conversion function

Depth of Discharge

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6 Great Reasons Why Solarshop Batteries are Your Ideal Backup Energy Storage for Your Home or Business
It’s official: energy prices in Australia are among the highest in the world.

South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria are paying higher energy costs than entire countries like France, Sweden, and the United States. The costs are only expected to rise in the coming years, according to the government.

Solarshop changes that. Our backup battery solutions and PV solar systems are designed to help you cut down your energy costs and save the environment. And there’s more – here are other reasons why Solarshop premium battery solutions (‘ESA’ brand) are a sensible investment for your home or business.

1. ESA Solar Battery Technical Specs

We created our batteries to be easy and affordable to own and operate. On average, you can expect to spend at least $30 per week on energy storage with a hybrid inverter and 5kWh battery pack set up on an existing solar panel (retrofit solution), or a minimum of $45 per week when combined with a new PV system 5kW with Tier 1 (solar panels are included).

Reducing your energy costs is also easier on the pocket since financing is available through Brighte Capital and our supplier Energy Storage Australia P/L. Simply pay the 10% deposit to get financing for up to 5 years, interest-free.

Once set up, the excess energy will return to the grid when your energy consumption demands are met and the battery is fully charged. The extra power is usually exchanged for credits off your bill if the FIT agreement is in place in your area. Our grid will essentially pay you for the energy you generated and exported, lowering your costs even further and improving the investment return on your solar.

2. Power That Adapts to Your Needs

We understand that households and businesses have different energy savings goals and consumption patterns. That’s why we made our batteries and solar panels flexible enough to meet various applications. Solar panels are available in various sizes (often capped by the network operator) while batteries come in 5kWh sizes, allowing scalability, flexibility and customisation. The ‘ESA’ brand, unlike many other brands, can be charged via the grid or PV – enabling further potential saving opportunities by taking advantage of off-peak rate charging where available.

Our batteries are LiFePO4 (Prismatic cells), meaning they are safer, last longer, and provide more reliable energy than most other battery types, including other lithium-ion batteries. They can also be fully charged in as little as two hours depending on the energy source. Currently, our ‘ESA’ hybrid inverter is outdoor rated and the battery units may only be used indoors, with outdoor options becoming available starting mid-2018.

Most hybrid battery systems do not allow for emergency back-up functionality when the grid fails (e.g. black outs). But with Solarshop’s ‘ESA’ solution you may hardly notice the difference in a black-out scenario as the PV system and batteries continue operating and supplying power.

3. Simple and Easy Upgrades to A New System

Already have an existing system? We can help you upgrade it to our new and efficient system quickly and affordably. We also accept trade-ins for many types of old inverters so you can switch over to and upgrade to the ESA hybrid inverter.

In addition, our battery packs and hybrid inverters work with any type of panel, including mono, poly, CIGS, and thin film (with transformer) for unparalleled levels of adaptability.

To help you save even more money, we provide incentives for retrofitting your current system. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of our inverters, battery packs, and PV solar systems without requiring drastic and expensive changes to your current one.

What Size System Do I Need?

4. Monitor Your Usage Anytime, Anywhere

Each battery has it’s dedicated Battery Management Software to give you more control over your energy consumption. You can access this via the Internet and monitor your battery’s real-time performance along with usage history, generation, storage and even importing and exporting data. Simply and easy readable graphs and overviews are also supported by in-depth downloadable data on a wide range of measurements and events – making it one of the most comprehensive monitoring packages available.
5. Reduce Your Impact on the Environment
With the increasing threat of climate change, the use of solar energy is one way we can mitigate its impact. Thanks to the continued generous Renewable Energy Certificates, it makes even more sense for every Australian household and business to install new PV units and upgrades. Additional rebates are also available such as the Adelaide City Council battery storage grants, which can go up to $5000.

6. Backed by a 10-year Warranty

Our system is designed to give you long-lasting and reliable service since it meets industry standards and is used by the largest grid network operator in the UK for grid repair. Plus, you get a warranty on your battery for 10 years or upon reaching 6100 cycles, whichever comes first. Quality and value is our key advantage in providing our energy storage solution.

Recharging your battery through the grid? Our 10-year warranty will remain unaffected. Our competitors don’t offer this type of guarantee—even Tesla will downgrade your warranty significantly with reduction in the warranty period or the battery’s cycle life once their unit is connected directly to the grid.

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To give you even more reasons to switch to clean and long-lasting back-up energy, we’re currently offering upgrades from our 2.16kW PV solar system to the 5.13kW PV for just $1—that’s a saving of $2,300. Don’t delay because this offer is for a limited time only. Click on the button below to get your upgrade.

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